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Some tips for improving the problem definition are: One thing to keep in mind when writing the problem definition is to keep it as short and clear as possible.The problem definition must not be longer than necessary and must be understood by everyone who reads it.This means that, unless it can be assumed that the reader does have the right knowledge, technical terminology should be avoided or these terms should be explained.

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When engaging in the Problem Definition Process, use Lean’s “5 times why” method: who, what, where, when and why.

While defining the problem definition, all five W’s should be fully answered.

Before the problem is described or treated, a few sentences should be used to explain what the situation would be if the problem did not exist.

Take, for example, the check-in protocol of a small airline.

Summarise the problem briefly and position the key information at the beginning of the single-phrase problem definition.

In the case of the airline company, this could be that: The company’s current check-in protocol is inefficient in use.Use clear, direct language and don’t get stuck in small details.Only the essence of the problem should be dealt with.It seems obvious to think that problems tend to define themselves and that the focus should be on determining the consequences and looking for solutions. However, an accurate problem definition, to be achieved with the Problem Definition Process, simplifies the way to a suitable solution.Because the problem is defined analytically, the problem is examined from different angles and the problem definition process clarifies the points to focus on in the analysis performed on major critical problems.If every passenger has to check in at the airport, long queues develop as a result and this takes up a lot of time.An inefficient check-in protocol is time consuming and entails extra costs. After all, the aircraft has to depart as soon as possible.By describing the ideal situation, explaining the problem and determining the consequences using the “five times why” method, one will be able to think ‘outside the box’ and ensure that the problem is looked at from all angles. Are you familiar with the Problem Definition Process explanation?What do you think are things that contribute to a clear problem definition?This article provides you with a practical explanation of the Problem Definition Process.After reading, you will understand the basics of this powerful problem solving method.


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