Problem Of Corruption Essay

All demands and protests should be done in such a way that their interests are served while the public interests are not affected.

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Unqualified/substandard doctors/surgeons may cost human life due to wrong prescriptions or wrong operations.

Drugs from substandard manufacturers can damage people's health severely or even death. So, it is in the public interest that all kinds of corruptions be stopped in Health Care.

Solution: Ministers, MPs, MLAs should always keep people's welfare above all in all their undertakings. They should be paid good salaries & other facilities to ensure them live decently and discharge public duties smoothly without any fear or pressure.

Ministers, MPs, MLAs are the most important people to stop corruption.

Any careless & undutiful staff should be subjected to immediate disciplinary action. Department heads should not play blame game to Ministers etc, rather they themselves should be responsible for their respective department functioning.

Solution: The heads of educational & other training institutes viz VCs, Principals, Head Masters, Head Mistresses, CEOs, Directors etc should be people of integrity and set examples of dutifulness.

Solution: Problem with the police force is the misuse of force on common people while overlooking injustice of the high commands.

Police is meant for social security, for punishing the guilty & protecting the innocent people.

General public also cannot stop them from corruption as they got corrupted money & treats during election.

So, there should be strict rules to punish both the candidates and the voters who give or demand money etc.


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