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When B= 00 and N=4, for example, he'll gamble 0 each time going forward. If our gambler sounds like something of an idiot, know that this is actually a rather common betting strategy.Casinos also endorse it by ensuring that players are stocked with mostly high denominational chips as they go on winning streaks in order to encourage higher bets.

Don't arm the places that sustained the most damage on planes that came back.

By virtue of the fact that these planes came back, these parts of the planes can sustain damage.

Beyond the fundamentals, this course will also focus on modern computational methods such as simulation and the bootstrap.

Students will learn statistical computing using the freely available R statistics software.

Switching raised that probability to two in three that you'll select a car.

Said another way: A player whose strategy is to always switch will only lose when the door they initially selected has a car behind it.

Instructor : Jeff Phillips (email) | Office hours: 2-3pm Tuesdays @ MEB 3442 (and often directly after class in WEB 1248) TAs: Liang Zhang (email) | Office Hours: 10am - noon Mondays @ MEB 3423 Shravanthi Manohar (email) | Office Hours: 12(noon)-1pm Wednesdays |and| -pm Thursdays @ MEB 3423 Fall 2014 | Tuesdays, Thursdays pm - pm Description: An introduction to probability theory and statistics, with an emphasis on solving problems in computer science and engineering.

Probability and statistics is an important foundation for computer science fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, randomized algorithms, image processing, and scientific simulations.

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