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Timothy Mc Veigh executed on the month of May in year 1995.

Timothy Mc Veigh executed on the month of May in year 1995.

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It has been a steady increase up until the 1930s; later the death penalty dropped to zero in the 1970s and then again rose steadily.

US citizens said that the death penalty was unconstitutional because it was believed that it was "cruel and unusual" punishment (Amnesty International).

Did this man deserve to die on the behalf of over 150 people, including nineteen children? In some peoples minds it did, and that's why the death penalty should be allowed to stay in rotation for serious criminals for the heavy crimes they commit.

The use of death in the situation, say a murder or a serial rapist defender should be based on a number of factors.

British soldiers hung the first person to die by the death penalty, Nathan Hale, for espionage (Farrell).

For the victim's families, and Oklahoma City, and many Americans alike wanted to see the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombings have the same fate that Mr.Having the death penalty in our society is humane; it helps the overcrowding problem and gives relief to the families of the victims, who had to go through an event such as murder.First, people should know the history of the death penalty.Both entail "imprisonment" against one's will. As you can see that the death penalty is been granted the facts that it is highly legitament and reasonable. (May 30, 2006) The death penalty is a sentence that should be abolished.They do not want to be held responsible for the death of someone, innocent or guilty. When someone murders someone else, the correct punishment is not to murder him or her, but to try and help them.We don’t steal from the thieves, or rape the rapists. It would appear to condone the crime by repeating it.Executions have been recorded from the 1600s to present times.From about 1620, the executions by year increased in the US.In the 1970s, the executions by year dropped between zero and one then started to rise again in the 1980s.In the year 2000, there were nearly one hundred executions in the US (News Batch).


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