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They give us a compass to guide the therapy process, though we can always modify the treatment plan to adapt to a client’s changing needs. We need to do a bit of an assessment of ourselves and where we are situated to create a set of steps and goals for where we are headed.It sets us up for success as we use our business plan as a guiding compass. Don’t worry, I’ve started private practice in three different cities and have fine-tuned my process over the years. Think of a business plan as a treatment plan for your business.

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It’s important to look at your market research from step one and see how you fare amongst local therapists. Take some time to write down what your product is more specifically.

Here are some sample questions to help you get the ball rolling: If you’d like to learn more about finding your niche, you might find it helpful to watch my video about Finding Your Niche in Private Practice. Naturally, we don’t want to go to our “competition” for advice.

Ask yourself questions like: Think about these things in advance and talk them over with your loved ones.

It will save you time and heartache down the road if you need it.

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .There are nuanced differences amongst those of us who have similar areas of specialty. Then therapists who specialize in GAD in teens and older adults might be indispensable resources to you.You can make referrals to each other when a potential client doesn’t quite fit within your niche, and you can consult with each other when you feel stuck.These are the people you will be leaning on once you begin private practice, so it’s worth seeking them out before you even start.Some easy ways to find these therapists is through market research from step one, as well as through social media and networking events in your area. Ask around from a few people because private practice is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, so you might want to pick and choose what fits best for you.Lately tons of therapists have been flocking to Instagram with professional accounts, making it easy to find local therapists in your area. If you need some help, you might like to watch my video about How to Network with People in Private Practice. So when you chat or meet up with colleagues, be sure to ask them for their best tips and advice in private practice. This is a double-whammy tip because not only does connecting with local therapists help you with future marketing but you also don’t have to reinvent the wheel as you develop your business plan.Time and money are such precious resources, and you need both to get things started with private practice.Before you start it’s important to keep the worst case scenario in mind: what if private practice doesn’t succeed? It’s not fun to think about failure, but planning for the worst is actually a reassuring measure.You can feel more confident getting started knowing you have a way out if it doesn’t work.Creating a business plan for private practice can seem overwhelming, but I hope you find these tips make the process a bit smoother for you!Are you wondering if private practice is right for you?


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