Pride And Prejudice Satire Thesis

She once explained to Elizabeth, “I am not romantic, you know. For Collins, he is a man who does not know what love is at all. Collins first proposed to Elizabeth, much to her mother’s displeasure and her father’s joy, she firmly and promptly rejected him.

He almost immediately transferred his affections to Elizabeth’s best friend, Charlotte Lucas, who, 27 and somewhat homely, accepted at once his offer of marriage.

No matter how obvious his attachment to Jane was, he believed Darcy’s representation of Jane’s indifference was true. Bingley’s two sisters didn’t like Jane, they thought Mr.

Bingley should choose Darcy’s sister as his wife, who was of cause “superior” to Jane. Darcy, Bingley began to doubt Jane’s affection to him.

It concludes the stratum situation and economic relationships in Britain in her era.

People always think that Austen was an expert at telling love stories.When Elizabeth hears the news, she believes that their love does not have a happy ending.Indeed, Wickham would not marry Lydia, because she was no charming and has nothing to attract him.Many people simply regard Pride and Prejudice as a love story, but in my opinion, this book is an illustration of the society at that time. Kitty doesn’t have her own opinion but likes to follow her sister, Lydia.Jane Austen perfectly reflected the relation between money and marriage at her time and gave the people in her works vivid character. Lydia is a girl who follows exotic things, handsome man, and is somehow a little profligate.Born in a clerical family and educated strictly, Jane Austen created six novels and three unfinished stories, during just 42 peaceful years, and was considered to be a prolific writer. Even the five daughters in Bennet family are very different.Among the works, Pride and Prejudice is the most successful and impressive masterpiece. Jane is simple, innocent and never speaks evil of others.Lydia and Wickham We know that, in the novel, Lydia, as Mr.Bennet’s third daughter, was spoilt by her mother, so she was very conceited and arrogant, and behave frivolously.In fact, the marriage in her book is not the result of love, but the result of economic needs.After reading this book, everyone will go to think deeply about what love is and what marriage is.


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