Preparing For Final Dissertation Defense

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I want to ask what questions the evaluation committee will ask me during the defense?

If they ask me some questions outside my thesis, what shall I do? What quality I need to successfully defend my Ph D?

How can you prepare, keep the stress levels low, and make sure you have the highest chance of success?

I’ll just say that everyone’s Ph D Defense is unique and is unpredictable.

Part 2 will be how to finish your thesis in a timely manner (and write a good quality thesis).

Part 3 will be life after a Ph D, making the transition into the workforce, and how to prepare ahead of time (i.e.Your talk/presentation is only as good as you want it to be.And you cannot fully prepare for all the endless possibility of questions.If you already have most your slides ready to go, then you are lucky. And this means that you don’t cram it all in a couple of days right before your talk. You certainly don’t have to memorize every word of your thesis defense talk, but you should have it well-polished.I ended up getting data at the last minute and my story changed. I’m not talking about giving just one practice talk. There is no limit (or requirement) on how many practice talks you should give, but give as many talks as it takes until you feel like you are ready.apply for jobs before, during, or after writing your thesis).First, what does it take to give a successful Ph D Defense?This means that use of jargon and highly technical terms will only put your audience to sleep. Simplify it the best that you can and put it in the larger context of your research field.Use cartoons or model slides (if necessary) to give your audience the general, overall picture.They will not ask anything incredible (if they are relatively normal as well). After 3 months of intense thesis writing, revisions, and successfully defending (all while working a part-time job in industry), I want to share with you Part 1 of 3 of this series.


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