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This is different from the system in many other countries, in which health care professionals are on a professional track from the moment they graduate high school. The point is to show your ability to learn and excel, rather than to complete a narrow preparation for a specific profession.. If you are taking a gap year, you will apply the summer after graduation. This test is similar to the SAT, in that it tests basic mathematical, verbal, and writing skills. To apply to PTCAS schools, you first complete an application for PTCAS. After you apply to PTCAS and specify the schools you are interested in, you will often be invited to complete "supplementary" applications for those schools. After interviews, you finally get to find out who accepted you--hopefully you'll have the happy dilemma of choosing between acceptances! The first two and a half years of physical therapy school are usually "didactic," meaning that you'll take courses. Some physical therapists go on to complete a residency and/or a fellowship, particularly if they'd like to specialize in one particular aspect of physical therapy.

A pre-physical therapy degree puts aspiring therapists on the right track to working in the field.

The degree helps students, who must be accepted into graduate programs, stand out among the competition.

Below is an example of a timeline for a hypothetical student, Maria.

Maria is planning to take a gap year and decides to major in psychology. Your timeline will be somewhat different, because you're not Maria.

Inform the evaluators to expect an e-mail from PTCAS Messenger ([email protected]) with instructions and login information for an online reference form.

PTCAS will send this e-mail to your evaluators as soon as you save their information on your PTCAS application, regardless of whether you have e-submitted your final application PTCAS no longer accepts hard-copy (paper) letters of reference.

A pre-physical therapy degree program can give students an edge when it comes to applying for a graduate program in physical therapy.

These graduate programs are often highly competitive and only accept a small percentage of applicants each year.

(Or if your name is Maria, you're not Maria.) You'll almost certainly take some different courses than Maria did.

Be sure to consult with your pre-health advisor to decide what's right for you.


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