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These awards may be held concurrently with other partial funding sources, but are not intended to support students whose projects have already been fully supported.

The grant may not be held at the same time as the Fulbright Hays DDRA, Cohen-Tucker Dissertation Research Fellowship, or other similarly fully-funded dissertation research fellowships.

For more information and to apply see: Application Deadline: April 30 Civil Society in Russia Research Grant With support from the US-Russia Foundation, ASEEES is sponsoring grants with stipends up to $6,000 for the purposes of conducting graduate research related to the rule of law, governance, economy, business, and civil society in Russia.

These grants are intended to provide opportunities for young scholars to make connections with Russian peers and senior specialists, promoting long-term professional relations, and to foster the next generation of Russia experts.

Graduate students in MA programs and professional schools are strongly encouraged to apply.

Ph D students at the predissertation level may apply for pre-dissertation research.

This funding is intended to support initial fieldwork by graduate students during Summer 2020.

In line with the Institute’s mission to support international and comparative research at UC Berkeley, projects should be international and/or comparative in nature, and/or related to the study of languages, and/or involve substantial research outside of the United States.

Recipients of the Cleary Fellowship will be required to share their research experiences with other graduate students across campus through a short series of blog posts. Once all money is allocated for a given year, applications will no longer be accepted. All applications must be submitted at least 10 weeks before travel would begin.

Information will be provided along with award notification. Students must submit their part of the application materials to their department for them to submit in workflow.


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