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Massachusetts is widely considered to have the highest-performing public schools in the nation, yet it has a wealth gap almost as large as Michigan’s (though both poor and non-poor students in Massachusetts perform better than similar students in Michigan).the income gap between rich and poor Americans has grown in recent decades.

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Since income and school achievement are stubbornly linked, Arsen says it would seem logical for the learning gap to have grown along with the income gap.

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this means all these reforms we have tried are effective,” Arsen said.

“All you have to do is take one look at the inequality in educational conditions to see that the achievement gap is real,” Deputy Press Secretary Robert Leddy told Bridge in an email.

“However, these challenges are not the fault of educators or students, but rather the policymakers who have taken resources away from the classroom.”But the findings tell a different story.

“Further collaboration and resources, both professional and financial, must be invested and targeted to make Michigan a Top 10 education state.”“The startling part is not that there were large gaps in the 1970s, but that these gaps have not changed one wit over the half century,” said Stanford economist Eric Hanushek.

“The gap we saw in 1970 is the same gap we saw in 2015.” large-scale results on the NAEP, often called “the nation’s report card,” Because there weren’t math and reading results dating to 2000, Bridge used a starting point of 2002 for reading and 2000 for math.is the largest investment in the classroom in a generation,” said Leddy, of the governor’s office.“The governor recognizes that money alone does not solve this problem, which is why she has tied funding to a set of best practices, such as tripling the number of literacy coaches and increasing the number of counselors and tutors to ensure that students are prepared to achieve.”But the rich-poor gap exists in those states, too.The consistent gap – which may amount to a difference of more than two years of learning between poor and non-poor students even before students leave elementary school– is a wet blanket on numerous efforts to give children from low-income families an equal shot at success in school, and afterward in college and the workplace.Whatever efforts have been made here and across the nation, from increased early childhood education to additional funding and staffing for low-income schools, nothing has overcome the hobbling impact of poverty.“We actively are moving forward to identify and address the inequities that have prolonged these achievement gaps,” Alles said.Information on travel award applications will be provided to authors of accepted submissions.Students from rich and poor families continue to have very different school experiences, both in Michigan and the nation.“But I think we have to be careful before jumping to the conclusion that ‘schools don’t matter.’”“We do not take these results as good news, because they imply that we will continue to face serious problems of a lack of intergenerational mobility,” Hanushek said.“In fact we have invested large sums of money to reduce gaps, through compensatory education funding at the federal level, through pre-school with Head Start at the federal level, and through large numbers of state programs.“We are hearing more and more about the effects of poverty and trauma on children and young people.I think the research is still being written about the impact on that for both cognitive and social/emotional (development).”“Governor Whitmer’s budget …


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