Possible Title For Research Paper

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The number of words in a title may vary anywhere between 2 and 24 with the average number of words being approximately nine [11].

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During this process, the first contact a prospective reader will make with a scientific paper is the title.

Title scanning is an everyday routine of any active scientist.

Titles with a colon are called compound titles or hanging titles. Janardhanan, \"Doping-less Tunnel Field Effect Transistor: Design and Investigation\", Accepted in IEEE Trans.

For example, the title of this article (Making your research paper discoverable: Title plays the winning trick) is a compound title consisting of two phrases on either side of the colon.

For search engines in the above portals, the words in the title provide the clues for appropriate indexing in the bibliographic databases.

Possible Title For Research Paper

This will help the users to retrieve scholarly data at a later time based on words or a combination of words stored in the index.

We often flick through the titles to decide on the suitability and the importance of a paper to our research.

In reality, it is the title of the paper which creates the first impression and studies suggest that researchers often decide to read a paper solely based on the information in the title [4]. The most important component of any textual document is its title.

Evidence also suggests that the presence of colon in the title increases its discoverability [10] and the length of the title is positively correlated to the number of citations.

Use of the articles (a, an and the) in titles is very common. Mavros, \"The impact of article length on the number of future citations: a bibliometric analysis of general medicine journals\", PLo S One, Vol.8(2), p.e49476, 2013. Anthony, \"Characteristic Features of Research Article Titles in Computer Science\", IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Vol.


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