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An assignment is the transfer of an individual's rights or property to another person or business.This concept exists in a variety of business transactions.Wage assignments are helpful in paying back long-term debts.

In a separate lease assignment, a landlord agrees to pay a creditor through an assignment of rent due under rental property leases.

The agreement is used to pay a mortgage lender if the landlord defaults on the loan or files bankruptcy.

So an option seller with open positions is matched with the exercising buyer via automated lottery.

The randomly selected seller is then assigned to fulfill the buyer's rights. Once assigned the writer (seller) of the option will have the obligation to sell (if a call option) or buy (if a put option) the designated number of shares of stock at the agreed upon price (strike price).

This is where a mortgage deed gives a lender interest in a mortgaged property in return for payments received.

Lenders often sell mortgages to third parties, such as other lenders.In a different kind of an example, a wage assignment is a forced payment of an obligation by automatic withholding from an employee’s pay.Courts issue wage assignments for people late with child or spousal support, taxes, loans, or other obligations.We probably engage in it most of the time in our daily lives without even thinking much about it.It is a process of being our own teacher to a large extent and constructing much of our own knowledge in the process.For instance, If the writer sold calls then he/she would be obligated to sell stock, and the process is often referred to as having the stock called away.For puts, the buyer of the option sells stock (puts stock shares) to the writer in the form of a short-sold position.(Such an approach to teaching has often been referred to as a “technical” approach, i.e., rigidly following the steps of a “technique”.) Rather, it has been recognized that effective teachers address these complex challenges by considering each case in light of all their professional knowledge and by reflecting as systematically and insightfully as possible in order to make their best professional judgment in as responsible and ethical a manner as possible.The term that has been most widely adopted to refer to this approach to teaching is “reflective practice”.This term comes from the work of Donald Schon who has studied how—and to what a large extent—professionals in various fields construct their own knowledge in the “laboratory” of their workplace by reflecting on how well they are, or are not, achieving their goals, and continually hypothesizing better and better answers for themselves over time.He uses the example of someone trying to learn to throw a ball accurately to a target.


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