Politico Michelle Obama Thesis

Politico Michelle Obama Thesis-47
She had heard that Barack and Michelle Obama were holding an open day on their first full day at the world's most famous address.

Her yellow-green inauguration suit and the ivory evening gown in which she whirled the 44th President around the dance floors of 10 balls have already cemented her status as the greatest fashion icon in the White House since Jackie Kennedy.

Time magazine called her "America's Next Top Model"; the Washington Post, "Leader of the Fashionable World".

In conclusion Michelle Obama has done a great deal in taking pride of a beautiful country, fixing it up, and healing some of its wounds.

Her miraculous efforts to help everyday citizens like you and me and her unstoppable love for people she's never seen before, strangers.

Her wisdom and knowledge of a regular American life, because she lived it.

All of her struggles, accomplishments, and hard work and lead her to where she is today, the 44th First Lady of the United States, Michelle La Vaughn Robinson Obama.

But most intriguing was the announcement last week that she plans to promote volunteerism, a cause that her husband has already championed.

The president has announced the creation of Organising for America, an attempt to keep his army of grassroots supporters engaged in politics, develop new community leaders and maintain the infrastructure that got him elected.

This is a time that the world should and needs to view thing in a different way.

Not to just see the exterior cover but also capture what lies beneath the surface.


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