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This applies first of all to the emotional abuse where the child’s self-esteem is battered by being shouted at, being called names or being told that he/she is not good enough.

This applies first of all to the emotional abuse where the child’s self-esteem is battered by being shouted at, being called names or being told that he/she is not good enough.Quite apart from possible physical involvement or direct physical abuse, these mental actions have a harmful, deep and often long-lasting effect on the children.Many children who witness the abuse of their mothers, fathers or other family members start themselves demonstrate significant behavioral and mental problems such as fear, excessive crying, low self-esteem, and nervousness.

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(HHS) The horrifying thing about the domestic abuse is that it is affecting the lives of a victim her/himself as well as the people who surround her/him in the household.

Domestic violence has many forms, including sexual abuse, physical violence, mental abuse, intimidation and frightening, or threats of violence.

Up to 35% of women and 22% of men presenting to the emergency department have experienced domestic violence” (Newton).

Without a shadow of the doubt, domestic violence has an adverse effect on society, and before it is too late, some actions should be taken into matters.

And of courseif there is an imbalance in the power distribution is sure to come.

Domestic violence has recently driven a lot of attention from various women organizations who are willing to protect the wives that are being beaten and psychologically abused by their husbands.

The way the child is affected depends on the individual child, his/her age, and gender, how much they are involved in the abuse and how strong his/her personality is.

Although research in this field is still largely lacking, it is generally agreed “Domestic Violence or Abuse is highly relevant to the child’s present and future well-being.” (Brzozowski, Jodi-Anne) Finding the reasons or causes of domestic violence is rather tricky.

The topic of family or domestic abuse has even become a primary focus of modern feminism, particularly regarding «violence against women».

However, for too long, domestic violence has been an only women’s issue, as women have always been considered to be weaker and more vulnerable than men.


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