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Fortunately, police brutality may be something that will soon be eradicated from modern society through the development of various technological feats.

Fortunately, police brutality may be something that will soon be eradicated from modern society through the development of various technological feats.These developments have allowed for many new possibilities, including greater oversight and accountability of police officers in their daily routine and duties.

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For instance, dash cameras have been in use for quite some time in many police forces across the United States and other developed nations.

They are installed in police cars and record everything that happens in front of the vehicle.

One of the main criticisms against the police forces across America has been that they unfairly discriminate against people of color, while being generally more lenient towards white people.

Ongoing movements for social equality such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ are an echo of similar previous movements in American history.

According to statistics obtained and presented by the Chicago Tribune in 2016, four out of five killings by police were of a young black male (Richards et al. Such statistics highlight the apparent greater risks that young African American people may be facing in their societies.

Although it could be argued that these statistics simply point to a larger crime rate among young non-white people, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest otherwise.The issue has gained special prominence in recent years thanks to the numerous killings of young black people that have been perpetrated by police officers.The issue has gone so far that it has spurred various movements, such as the now infamous ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.Even worse, it could even be an indication that some police officers are knowingly abusing their power in order to carry out racist attacks without facing the same dangers of legal prosecution.One theory of why such brutality and discrimination exists against black people is because of America’s bitter history of slavery, racism, and segregation for the better part of its existence as a nation.For instance, research by the Washington Post has shown that most cases involving the killings of black people have not involved any realistic lethal threats to police officers on the scene (Lowery 2016).A lot of this indicates that there may be a general bias among police officers that non-white people are more likely to be criminals.The failure of the American government to eradicate this deep-seated problem shows us that there may be large mental barriers in the minds of many individuals that hinder the progress of their respective communities.One of the main problems with police brutality is that it often goes unaccounted for. For instance, it is not rare for a situation to boil down to the word of a police officer against the word of a potential criminal.Having people in power that are abusing the law to their own benefit, and at the expense of the lives of innocent citizens, is the first step towards an undemocratic and oppressive society.Police brutality should have all citizens worried, regardless of their ethnic background.


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