Police Assignments

Players can not accept assignments from ranks they have previously completed until they complete assignment 20 and unlock Chapter 10 - Dark Waters.

The racer career offers Speed Lists in place of assignments.

The VRT inducts the player as a candidate into their selection program unbeknownst of their unsanctioned undercover operation.

The FBI's VRT is impressed by the player and they are promoted to active duty under their authority.

The player reprises their role of F-8, and issues a challenge to the remaining illegal street racers, following their acquisition of the racer top spot from Zephyr, that they are still their rival.

Players can now accept assignments from ranks they have previously completed.

Police Bicycle Patrols supplement and assist normal Patrol Operations by providing highly visible proactive patrol and/or low visibility, quiet surveillance and apprehension.

The Underwater Response Team is deployed for incidents involving water search and rescue, and requires a joint cooperation of both the Police and Fire Services of the Town of Berlin.

The player is introduced to the RCPD's intent to win the fight against illegal street racing, regardless of the public's safety.

They see it fit to use force and highlight their intent to protect the citizens that questions their actions.


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