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Dogs on the banned list are types rather than breeds.This is because they are not recognised breeds by the Kennel Club of Great Britain. [S]uch a law gives unleashed discretion to the dog officers charged with its enforcement … The Colorado Supreme Court, upholding a Denver ordinance regulating pit bulls, stated that the behaviorial and physical characteristics set out in the law were enough to put a dog owner on notice. 15, 2000).) Along with huskies and Malamutes, and breeds developed for guarding and police work, including German shepherds, mastiffs, akitas, chow chows, and Dobermans, they consistently show up on the list of most-likely-to-bite breeds. They may also be ineffective at solving the underlying problem of too many dangerously aggressive dogs.

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Throughout most of North Carolina, these legislative pushes have been largely unsuccessful, although in a small number of towns, ordinances have actually been passed.

Whether or not your city or town has adopted an ordinance regarding pit bulls, if you have been attacked by one, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The book is a philosophical discussion of dogs, people, and the laws that try to regulate the relationship between them.

It's also full of insights into dog behavior and breed traits, gained from the author's many years as a trainer.

Banning a breed is easy—but may give "a false sense of accomplishment," according to the report of a task force of the American Veterinary Medical Association. For information on breed-specific laws and litigation, check the website of the American Dog Owners' Association.

by Vicki Hearne (Harper Collins), is the story of a dog branded vicious and ordered destroyed by the State of Connecticut—and how the dog became the author's valued companion. To be constitutional, a law must be specific enough to give dog owners fair warning about what kinds of dogs are illegal. There is no one pit-bull breed and no reliable way of identifying a dog as one of the pit-bull breeds. First, opponents claim the laws are unconstitutionally vague because they don't define "pit bull" sufficiently.Fatal dog attacks have been caused by, among other breeds, cocker spaniels and dachshunds. As the Colorado Supreme Court noted, it is generally recognized that when a legislature chooses to regulate a hazard, it is "not required to simultaneously regulate every similar hazard." Pit-bull-type dogs and rottweilers typically account for more than half of all fatal attacks on humans. Within any breed, there are sweet dogs and aggressive ones—and even within breeds that have been bred to notice low-level stimuli that other dogs might ignore (a trait that an owner can turn into aggressiveness), most of the individual dogs are not dangerous. Pit bulls, in fact, were the epitome of the all-American dog in the early part of this century.("Breeds of dogs involved in fatal human attacks in the United States between 19," by Sacks, Sinclair, Gilchrist, Golab and Lockwood, J. Any dog's behavior is influenced by its breeding, its health, its socialization, and its environment. Pete the Pup, in the old "Our Gang" movies, was a pit bull. And on a World War I poster that used dogs to symbolize the various nations, America was a pit bull—stalwart, unafraid, but not belligerent.While the American pit bull terrier is a specific breed recognized by kennel clubs and the like, there are a number of other dogs commonly referred to as “pit bulls,” including a number of mixes with other breeds.For this reason, legislation that targets pit bulls may have to name quite a few types of dogs.With any BSL, it is important to look at the specific provisions to find out whether the owner of a dog that attacked you was violating any laws by keeping it or by handling it in a particular way.Compared to other states, North Carolina has seen relatively little BSL actually passed.The American pit bull terrier, better known as the pit bull, was first bred as a mix between bulldogs and terriers, with a focus on physical strength and agility.Although originally intended as a farm dog, the breed got its name from some owners’ tendency to use them for the violent sport of pit fighting.


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