Piracy Of Music Essay

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Participants completed Brown and Mac Donald’s (2014) Attitudes Towards Music Piracy (AMP-12) scale, Langford’s (2003) short five-item personality questionnaire, Brown and Krause’s (2016) 49 Format Uses and Gratifications Item measure, and Krause and North’s (2016) music-technology identity measure.

Piracy Of Music Essay Causes To World War 2 Essay

Additionally, participants indicated the format they used most often to listen to music (of six formats: physical (i.e., CD, vinyl, cassette), digital files (i.e., mp3), free digital streaming, paid-for digital streaming, radio, and live music); indicated how important they consider music in their lives; and estimated how many hours they listen to music daily.This study aims to distinguish between the determinants of a music pirate and a genuine consumer of music (age, gender, income, music preference, music experience.) It also investigates attendance at live performances, which previous research suggests will tend to inhibit the decline of paid-for recorded music.This research is innovative in that it investigates a range of antecedents of music piracy.The digital revolution has changed how consumers engage with music.The present study explored the potential psychological factors underpinning why many consumers engage in music piracy. more The digital revolution has changed how consumers engage with music.The method utilises a structured questionnaire survey (n = 214) and regression analysis to elicit which factors play the most important role affecting our respondents' choices in buying music, illegal downloading music and attending live concerts.Managerial and theoretical implications are presented. Purpose – This paper analyzes consumers’ attitudes and behaviors towards online piracy and their willingness to try subscription-based music services.The present study explored the potential psychological factors underpinning why many consumers engage in music piracy.396 participants (71.00% female, Mage = 34.53) completed an online questionnaire. Psychological predictors of engagement in music piracy. more Background - Designed to appease the desire to listen to music freely and conveniently, music streaming services such as Spotify are exceptionally popular nowadays. Assuming a psychological perspective, the present study considers why people might choose to engage in music piracy (the practice of illegally sourcing music) when so many popular and varied legal services now exist.While this did convince a number of users to stop sharing their files, still a good number of users continued and the bullying by the RIAA continues to find ways to out muscle the inevitable...We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.


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