Pierre Trudeau Research Essay

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Probably, to be fair to the Trudeau industry, this is not a zero-sum business.

Probably more Borden biographies would not have sprung up if the authors of a few Trudeau books had shown more restraint. At some point, as Trudeau shelves fill Trudeau libraries, as rivers of Trudeau empty into a vast and deepening Trudeau ocean, even a resolutely pro-charter, bilingual, federalist, oil-price-fixing-amenable, convertible-loving bachelor such as myself wants to shout: Basta. So it was with a feeling not far removed from dread that I approached English’s latest instalment, and it is only fair to point out right away that if, as a society, we are overdosing on Trudeau, very little of the blame for that should be put at English’s feet. He was Lester Pearson’s official biographer and produced a tidy, thorough pair of volumes on that worthy fellow, so it was the Trudeau family who approached him, dangling unprecedented access to Trudeau’s private archives.

English has written that he was reluctant even then: he barely knew the man and wondered what he could usefully add.

But English is a professional historian (University of Waterloo) and a recovering politician (one term in the back benches of the Jean Chrétien Liberals), so the lure of those archives was too much to resist.

Precisely who, they wonder, is this charismatic and cocky bon vivant?

In this interview, Trudeau tells thrilling tales of his globetrotting youth and explains how his travels uniquely shaped his point of view.He lightly defends his rebel brand of politics and bemusedly addresses questions about his perpetual bachelor status.Doing backflips off a diving board, driving in his sexy sports car and walking the hurried streets of Montreal - this is Pierre Trudeau.Sure, he modernized our justice system, stared down the FLQ, fought a mighty referendum battle against elements of his own lifelong intellectual clan, brought home the constitution and inserted a charter of rights in it.Left the economy in a shambles and made Alberta radioactive for generations of Liberals, too. You ought to: their rhythm and tune have been pounded into our heads by legions of hagiographers almost since the day the events in question happened.By the time he was done, this country was far closer to real independence than had seemed possible when he started.Through it all, his management style was the damnedest thing: more than once, when his factious caucus seemed too much to handle, he handed in a resignation letter and let them realize they had to beg him to stay. There is a great big book to be written about Borden, just as there is more to be said about Louis St.Will Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau one day run for the top job of prime minister?"Hell no," he responds with a shrug and a laugh in this CBC Television feature.He has dared to grapple publicly with the total issues of liberty: that formerly treacherous no man's land between private and public moralities." • A few days before the bill was passed, Prime Minister Lester Pearson announced his plan to retire. 16, 1968, Trudeau declared his candidacy in the leadership race.don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to read more about Sir Robert Borden. He served for nearly nine years—longer than Pearson or Diefenbaker and almost as long as Mulroney.


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