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Plants also have a vital role in the fields of health and medicine. Foxglove, for example, contains chemicals that are used to treat heart failure.Aloe alleviates symptoms of burns, and other medications combat headaches, certain types of cancer and other ailments.Other plants, like lily pads, have unique structures to help collect water.

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Benefits of Photosynthesis In addition to helping plants, photosynthesis is one of the most important biological functions on the planet.

It affects life on Earth and even many facets of society.

One amazing feature of leaves is that they have tiny holes in them to let the gases carbon dioxide and oxygen enter and exit.

One of the holes is called a 'stoma', although just to be confusing, when there are more than one they are called 'stomata'. It is controlled by two guard cells which change shape to either open or close the hole.

As they take in carbon dioxide, plants also ingest other gases in the atmosphere, including pollutants.

The only gas that they release, however, is oxygen, which in turn means that they help to clean and purify the air.

While most plants absorb water through their roots, root systems vary in species that live in different physical settings.

Plants that live in the desert, for instance, have a special root structure to absorb water.

This creates carbohydrates, or glucose, which is sugar that the plants can store and use later for energy.

The other end product of this phase is oxygen, which plants release back into the atmosphere.


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