Photography Studio Business Plan

Phoebe's Photo Studios is part of the photographic portrait studio industry (SIC Code 7221).

Industry standard growth is currently 7.3% annually.

Our profit margins are much higher than the industry average because of our innovative product-delivery options - digital images require no film, no paper, and no chemicals, just storage units (CDs and DVDs) and delivery (computer and Internet access).

Cash reserves reach the minimum point in March 2006.

We also go regularly to people’s homes and bring cameras and lights that are out of the budget of non-professionals.

Our products include: Baby Pictures Senior pictures are a long-standing tradition that brings high school seniors into photo studios.All of our photos are created in a high-resolution digital format, from which our prints are made.Since the Internet and commonly used printers typically use the lower-resolution 300 dpi format, 300 dpi digital files are available to clients for a nominal charge.By making these photos easily accessible in digital form, and by marketing prominently on the Internet, we hope to capture much of this market.We offer a special package of a family portrait at half price with the senior picture.The start-up requirements for Phoebe's Photo Studio including start-up expenses, current assets, cash on hand, and long-term assets were presented earlier in this plan. The owner, Phoebe Peters will provide a seed investment.A loan for the balance will be secured by real estate.Phoebe's Photo Studio is projected to grow weed-like annually by seizing its target market early and building on it.Long-term assets are a smaller percentage of this business because expensive printing equipment isn't required.For the year 2006, the business will be profitable.It will grow at a vigorous rate over the next two years.


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