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Be sure to clearly state the hypotheses to be tested or technology to be developed.Sketch the background leading to the present research, critically evaluate existing knowledge, and specifically identify the gaps, which your research is intended to fill.

Include the title, the date, your name and signature, the advisor's name and signature, and the notation "Thesis Proposal".

Note that you also require a signature from the academic office to confirm that your proposal adheres to the format described here. Include your long-term objectives and specific aims.

For more details please see the README file inside the package.

If we are missing a template please either: Send us a copy of the template, a Share La Te X url to the template or let us know where we can find the template.

Discuss the potential difficulties and limitations of the proposed procedures and alternative approaches to achieve the aims.

As part of this section, provide a tentative timetable for the project.Therefore try to accomplish the following: These are some of the lessons I took away from my thesis proposal experience (which is not to say that I was at all successful at implementing any of the above suggestions).If you think I'm wrong on these points (which I might very well be), feel free to revise or comment.The font within figures must be at least 9 point and the figure captions must be at least 10 point.Devote one page each for the title page, abstract and specific aims.Also please let us know a little about the template for the description.If this page is of relevance to you, then BE Board: Thesis proposal/Talk will very soon be of relevance too. Jasonk , (EDT) A few of us have posted our proposals on bionet: (Insane Projects/Documents/thesis proposals). --Jgritton , (EDT) Drew pointed out to me last year that your thesis proposal is structured similarly to a grant proposal.MS Thesis & Ph D Dissertation Latex Template The zip file above contains a package for BU Engineering MS Thesis and Ph D Dissertation preparation in La Te X/Bi BTe X typesetting environment.It specifies thesis/dissertation style conforming to the requirements described in the “Guide for Writers of Theses & Dissertations” published by BU libraries.Point out any procedures, situations or materials that may be hazardous and the precautions to be exercised.Use this section to provide an account of your preliminary studies that are pertinent to your research project and that support your specific aims.


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