Ph.D Thesis On Ecotourism

Ph.D Thesis On Ecotourism-62
The local people generally known as “orang sungai” (the river people) have recently participated in many aspects of ecotourism activities such as tourist guides, conservation volunteers, tourist lodges workers, homestay providers etc.Thus the main issues for these villages are: to what extent does ecotourism development in Batu Puteh and/or Sukau village have positive and negative impacts on the socio-cultural life of the local community?

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While it s true that ecotourism is not a new concept, there is still much to learn about its results and overall prospects.

For this reason it has become important to study the potential and perception of ecotourism, as well as the relationship between ecotourism and environmental conservation.

newline The study aims to focus mainly on ecotourism in Kashmir, where nature and culture is plentiful and to gain a greater understanding of the relationship between conservation and ecotourism, while at the same time adding to existing research and helping develop ecotourism in Kashmir.

The correlation between ecotourism and environmental conservation has been examined with regards to the perceptions of tourists and conservation agencies alike.

This is a qualitative research approach or specifically case study approach based on the critical theory paradigm or perspectives.

Two villages were observed in this research: namely Batu Puteh village and Sukau village.The diversity of the surrounding community exposed me to a variety of of cultures, religions, and backgrounds.I was very fortunate that my parents were well educated and progressive, and believed in investing in my education.My experience as a Boy Scout further shaped and added discipline to my relationship with nature.Q: Yes, it combines my personal interest as an ecotourist with my interest in protecting nature for future generations.iv | P age ABSTRACT Although the tourism industry holds much economic promise for developing countries, its positive outcomes come with some unfortunate side effects to the local and ecological inhabitants of the community.It is because of the hardship that tourism brings to native people and their culture that environmentalists emphasize the importance of ecotourism; tourism revolved around a location s natural and pollution free environment.At Cairo University I gained my first exposure to landscape planning and design, and design for tourism facilities in particular.My Masters work built on that, focusing on design that connected cities, culminating in an urban tourism revitalization project in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.To what extent can ecotourism be considered a potential instrument for rural economic development and/or environmental conservation to achieve sustainable development in the destination areas?These issues will be explored thoroughly in this research.


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