Phd Thesis On Big Data

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The PHDC will consult with the student’s research advisor to decide whether an exception is granted and to determine the conditions the student needs to meet.The courses used to fulfill the breadth requirement must satisfy the following: (a) Approved list courses: At least 4 of the courses must be taken from the approved list of courses given in the appendix below.

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To remain in good academic standing, students must fulfill the breadth requirement within 24 months of entering the Ph D program.

Students who do not fulfill the breadth requirement within 24 months will be dismissed from the program, unless an exception is granted by the PHDC.

(b) Free choice courses: Students must take 2 free choice courses in addition to the 4 required courses from the approved list.

Students can use any graduate course at NYU as free choice courses, but must obtain advisor approval to use a course not on the approved list.

A Master of Science in Computer Science may be transferred as 30 credits without taking individual courses into consideration.

In order to obtain a Ph D degree, a student must complete a minimum of 75 credits of graduate work beyond the BS degree, including at least 21 credits of dissertation.

This degree program offers interested students opportunities to do their research abroad, under the supervision of faculty at NYU Shanghai or NYU Abu Dhabi. The department will hold an annual Ph D Student Assessment Meeting, in which all Ph D students will be formally reviewed.

Our current research strengths include data management and analysis, cybersecurity, computer games, visualization, web search, graphics, vision and image processing, and theoretical computer science. program flyer Upon entering the program, each student will be assigned an advisor who will guide them in formulating an individual study plan directing their course choice for the first two years.

students have scholarships that cover tuition and provide a monthly stipend. We seek creative, articulate students with undergraduate and master's degrees from top universities worldwide.

The School of Engineering places some limits on the number and types of transfer credits that are available.


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