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In determining what medication can be purchased over the counter, the FDA created a list of 80 categories and over 800 ingredients that can be used as OTC treatments without the need for prescription. the sector while facing the challenges Industry Analysis of pharmaceutical industry Preface Pharmaceuticals industry is the core of healthcare sector ... While medications that did not have these ingredients had to be regulated by the FDA. announced a worldwide collaboration for a development of an ertugliflozin for treatment for type II diabetes. Pharmaceutical companies claim research and development is more vital than marketing, but since marketing brings in the finances multiple reviews have shown that more is certainly spent on marketing than on research and development.allergic to aspirin Paracitamol would be the headache medication of choice for obvious reasons. The FDA then evaluates the safety of the drug for the public before it becomes a prescription drug. Since they intend on sharing the revenues and costs, this will eventually reduce the amount needed per company on the drug, reduce the cost of marketing, and the worldwide distribution of the drug could help with a reduction in the cost of the drug as per pill. Studies: Independent Enquiry Studies Enquiry theme: How does drug abuse affect personal development of Hong Kong teenagers? An independent analysis of these industries revealed that they spend only about 1.

Being in the medical field, the term generic is one that I hear very often. (Wireless news, 2013) Research and Development The role of Research and development is vital in a pharmaceutical company. How can the society help to prevent teenage drug abuse? 3% of its revenues on research and development (R& D), 4/5th of its research funds for vaccines and new drugs actually comes from public funds.

So what does it mean for a medication to become generic? Bristol-Myers Squibb $19 (Gill, 2011) Below is a list of the pharmaceutical companies in the USA, based on 2012 revenues in millions; 1. It is important for the discovery of a new medication, more about diseases, cure, prevention and diagnosis. (Susan, 2012) Although some government funds are also given, they are solely for research on diseases and their preventions.

When medications are first manufactured, they use the chemical name of the ingredients which they are made off and they are tagged with a patent that last for 20 years, for example Atorvastatin becoming the generic LIPITOR. Without research and development for new drugs in a pharmaceutical company, they will eventually have no revenue. Unlike other product manufacturers, one out of every 10,000 discovered compounds actually becomes a drug approved for sale, so there is a huge chance of invested money loss.

During the patent period, no competitors are allowed and their prices are significantly higher than it would be as a generic. A lot of the money invested in a drug is in the early phases of the drug, and among the many drugs approved only 1 out of every 3 drugs generates enough revenue to cover the development cost.

In this case study, we will describe the pharmaceutical industry and its products, evaluate its market size, and name its major players. Allergan $5 (Fortune 500, 2012) Globalization is certainly taking a toll in the pharmaceutical companies.

We will also talk about the research and development involve in the production of a drug, describe the approval process of a drug and a short summary of our evaluation of the industry. Medicines have been classified into three different 3 different groups, over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, and generics. Pharmaceutical companies are going global and swooping in to purchase drugs which have passed the early phase of testing in other countries.With stabilization in the amount of drugs released yearly and the amount of increase in revenues per drug, and per pharmaceutical companies, critics question the increase in prescription pills. In addition to using illegal marketing tactics, they ... (Johar, 2012) These companies fail to mention that within the same period they have been an even faster rise in revenues by 0. (Susan, 2012) In actual fact, the net profit made by pharmaceutical company is higher than profits for all of the fortune 500 companies, it was ranked first for return in revenues in 2005 (Johar, 2012). STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF INDIAN PHARMA COMPANIES Strengths: * Mature Industry ... This is the largest settlement involving a pharmaceutical company in recorded history. marketing tactics to get the doctors to prescribe their drugs. Drug prices are set by pharmaceutical companies to cover research and development costs. Between 20, the average cost of brand name drugs protected under the patent rose from . downplaying the risks apparent from its own clinical studies. In other reviews, 9 out of 10 newly approved medications offer only minor variations from older drugs and these drugs have been shown to be very profitable to these industries. potential for networking) * Low cost of Manpower * Cost effective Manufacturing Facilities * Rich Biodiversity ... In addition to using illegal marketing tactics, they ... The pre-clinical research consists of synthesis, purification of the drug, and short or long term animal testing.Clinical studies consist of 3 pre-approval stages and one in the post marketing stages.With the rising cost of healthcare, increasing premium insurances and increasing co-pay, certainly changes needs to occur in the pharmaceutical industry. com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2012/industries/21/ Gil y. increase from 2000-01 and reached its peak in 2005-06 (Figure 1). Reference Fortune 500 (2013) Top Pharmaceutical Industries. Figure 1: R&D-Sales Ratio in Pharmaceutical Industry ... pharmaceutical companies, or "Drug reps" as they have become known in the industry ... As these companies move ahead, the industry continues to grow. (Swayne, Duncan, & Ginter, 2011) Since the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry in the 90’s with inventions of Insulin and Penicillin, the purpose of the pharmaceutical companies has been for production of Medicines and medical devices.Ency) The purposes of their product are solely for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in humans and animals.Prescription and over the counter medications (OTC) are the most commonly abused substances after alcohol and marijuana in Americans 14 years and older. Take for example a partnership that occurred in the early months of May 2011 between Sanofi Co and Glenmark for the purchase of an anti-inflammatory drug for Crohn’s disease.Although many think that OTC and prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs, it is only true when there are taken in the prescribed amount and for the right illnesses. The pharmaceutical company also paid Glenmark for the same drug to be marketed in other countries such as japan, mexico, china and Uruguay.


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