Pet Problems Solved

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Raccoons have learned to thrive in urban areas, and live in very high densities in cities, where they eat garbage and pet food.

They commonly break into homes and attics, where they cause considerable damage, and they also destroy other property, and thus racoons are considered pest animals by many people.

Some people attempt to solve raccoon problems with various repellents and deterrents.

I have seen them all over the years, and none of them work.

You will also need an empathy with both pets and owners.

You need to be self-sufficient, have plenty of self-motivation, and will need to be professional and financially responsible.

Of course, it's only going to tear its way back in (it can rip right through the roof), especially if there's baby coons inside, which there almost always are.

The best way to solve most raccoon problems is to either take away whatever is attracting them (such as bringing in pet food at night or storing garbage cans in the garage) or by trapping and removing and relocating the animals.

In addition to potential trouble with the EPA, dog waste can attract unwanted animals and is the cause of the spread of disease.

The unsightliness of the problem, in addition to the rodents and other animals that may visit, can cause issues with selling properties and retaining residents.


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