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People of all ages have been getting them and from all different backgrounds.

On a nice day in just about any public place one can spot a tattoo about every five minutes, from the business man who had a portrait of his daughter put on him to a young girl with a butterfly on her ankle and even people with extensive tattoo coverage.

(Bevill, Bracy, Dale, Glasgow, & Roach, 2009) It is just what they believe, not what is true.

Transition: Today’s culture is changing in allowing people to have tattoos and still gain a decent job or career.

Introduction: Is there anyone here that does not like tattoos or likes them, but would never think of getting one?

Today, tattoos are a growing in popularity when before tattoos were only seen on people in a circus as an act or on military veterans who wanted to display their troop proudly.What is even more interesting is the rise in the number of people who are heavily tattooed and that they come from all different backgrounds.Not too long ago tattooing did not experience the popularity in mainstream culture that it does now.Tattooing was still illegal in New York City until 1993.The mystery that surrounds the art of tattooing has always created ignorant ideas from people who are misinformed.I was not aware that having a tattoo also had its disadvantages. It was like having your own art studio with you all the time! While I was on vacation in Las Vegas, I went to Hart and Huntington Ink, a tattoo art studio in Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. One forearm has the word “strength” written on it and on the other forearm, “honor” was written. I was all grown-up and “licensed” to have a tattoo of my own.It was not always easy for people to even find a tattoo artist even if they were brave enough to be labeled a "low life" by the majority of culture.A lot of places even banned tattooing due to the fact that they thought tattooing was morally wrong and a health risk.Even though there is this growing popularity of tattoos, entry-level jobs require strict dress code policies disapproving the sight of tattoos while at work.Only 32% of students surveyed in Arkansas, California, and Ohio believe that having visible tattoos would hinder a person’s chance of getting a job.


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