Persuasive Essay Teenage Stress

We have educated millions about mental health conditions and reduced barriers to treatment and services.As a result of Mental Health America's efforts, many Americans with mental health conditions have sought care and now enjoy fulfilling, productive lives in their communities.Parents nowadays are usually too busy to spend time with their adolescent children.

Depression is a severe dejection that is accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and meagerness typically felt over a periods of time.In another words, it is an illness where people’s thoughts, moods, behaviour and feelings are “infected”.Since depression can affect thinking, things will seems to get even harder when one is feeling down and he or she may not be able to look at the possibility of a good outcome.However, he mentioned that if overly exposed to stress, stress can be catastrophic.Too much pressure can cause or exacerbate suicidal feelings.Level of stress is seems to be playing a vital role in affecting people especially the youths towards committing suicide.Many researchers have discovered that stressful life events increases the risk of youths choosing suicide as the only solution.(Yonhap, 2008; Yein Jee, 2008) This is further proven from the survey, carried out by the state-run Korea Youth Counseling Institute, of 4,700 secondary school students in South Korea, 50-60 percent of the respondents had thought of suicide whereas 10-20 percent of them attempted suicide.(Yonhap, 2008) Youths there felt suicide urges when experiencing conflicts with family members, utterly lacking of hope, had problems with friends, or if friends took their own lives, having to do much more at school than expected, strivingfor a higher standards of education in this globalised era in order to get a better job etc.Stressful events such as family and romance conflicts or the presence of disciplinary problems frequently predate suicidal behaviour.(Brent, 1993; Vijayakumar & Rajkumar, 1999; Yen et al., 2005) From Engar’s research (2004), he found that suicide is the second-leading cause of death in college students.


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