Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driving Age To 18

Persuasive Essay On Raising The Driving Age To 18-45
Accidents are not caused by drivers who happen to be 16 or 17 years old they are caused by NEW drivers.So if you change the law to 18 then they will be new drivers and have disproportionate amount of accidents. In fatal accidents in a ten year period between 19 only 10% of 16 year olds had alcohol in their blood compared to 43% of 20-49 year olds.

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I believe statistics will prove that new drivers, not teen drivers, cause these accidents.Parents cannot drive kids to work or sporting practices.Parents depend on their older teen children taking some of the financial responsibilities off them by getting jobs.Teen drivers cannot drive at night or alone and must retain a B average in school to receive insurance discounts.*Teens cannot get a license without jumping through many hoops and following strict guidelines *Parents are overburdened with the responsibilities of driving.*There are only so many hours in a day many teens will not get rides to important functions or to work.*The economy would come to a complete halt if no teens could work.*The media has also portrayed teens as reckless for comic effect but the statistics do not add up.*Teens actually cause very few of the fatal accidents adults do the most damage.Impulse control in teens seems much better statistically than adults.Ninety-nine percent moving violations along with 90% alcohol related fatalities are caused by adults.


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