Persuasive Essay On Pro Choice

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Why does this pose a problem for Thomson’s argument?

Because if you agree with Thomson that it should be permissible for you to disconnect yourself from the violinist and effectively kill him, it’s your reason for saying so is that having a comatose adult connected to your body is too much of an inconvenience to endure for nine months.

Soon, you’ll be crushed to death, whereas the child will burst free from the house, damaged but alive.

‐ You are terminally ill, though a magic cure exists: If Henry Fonda travels from California to where you live, and he caresses your face, you will live.

If maximal effectiveness, in this context, means getting people to buy into a particular viewpoint, then each presentation is in service to the pragmatic ideal of political success.

The political world, not academia, is responsible for the “pro-life” and “pro-choice” designations — labels that are rhetorically effective but intellectually vacuous.ave you noticed how political debates over abortion often degenerate into egregious and intellectually unserious demagoguery?This shouldn’t surprise — such debates often function as arenas for persuasion at any cost, which has the unfortunate consequence of making truth less important than rhetorical finesse.‐ People-seeds, like pollen, float about in the air.If they enter your house and land on a special carpet, they become full-blown persons.But that’s not applicable to the real-life situation of pregnancy. The people-seeds thought experiment obviously is intended to resemble a pregnancy that results from a consensual sexual encounter in which the partners used contraception.Recall my description: People-seeds, like pollen, float about in the air.Consider these scenarios she dreams up: ‐ To help preserve the life of a comatose violinist, The Society of Music Lovers kidnaps you and connects your body to the violinist’s so that he can recover his health in nine months.‐ You are trapped in a tiny house with a growing child.Thomson is basically raising the hurdle that a “pro-lifer” needs to clear.Whereas before, all that the anti-abortion advocate had to do was show that the fetus is a person, now, in light of Thomson’s argument, even if the “pro-lifer” does this, that is no longer enough to secure a victory in the debate.


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