Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

Currently there is mass debate, in courtrooms across the U.S., regarding the legality and morality of pre-assistance drug testing.Drug abuse is a sensitive subject to deal with as it always relates to health, well-being and even lives of human beings belonging to any country.

All it proves is that they are likely to put a buzz on, someplace, sometime.

So they all mean that randomly drug testing may interfere the employee`s personal life which is not really necessary to maintain his/her job safely.

This kind of behavior may result to unhealthy relationship between the employers and employees.

However, drug addiction is a serious and difficult illness which many people do not become aware of until it is too late.

Aside from feeling that it's an invasion of privacy at one point or another a urine sample will be made, whether it be in a doctor's office, or applying for a job.

Students need to also understand that there is no punishment, it tested positive the results are not sent to colleges or law enforcement.Therefore it is a low-cost method meant to help fight for our children's future.For example after two years of drug testing Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey, the school experienced in decline in 20 of the 28 categories of drug use in the whole student population.a) Introduction a.i) Government assistance, or welfare, is a very broad term.There are many different welfare programs available in the United States e.g., food stamps, cash assistance, and government housing.Immediately following that citation is a statement that is purposely misleading: “In Michigan…only ten percent of recipients tested positive for hard drugs such as cocaine.These rates are consistent with its general population.” While this statement may be true on the surface, an investigation into their sources reveals that these “consistent rates” are pulled from a weighted survey conducted via questionnaire and may not accurately reflect the general population depending on the survey sample size.People who do drugs have many things they share in common though the reasons might defer.A very common characteristic is unreliability; which can be seen when diagnosing someone with a drug addiction problem, and depression.They have the right to know whether or not the people working under them are stable to do their jobs.Allowing drug testing has triggered quite a rampage.


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