Persuasive Essay College Athletes Should Get Paid

Persuasive Essay College Athletes Should Get Paid-7
If a student has 10 hours of class each week and puts in the recommended four hours of study for each hour of class, then athletes spend 50 hours each week studying and attending mandatory classes and study halls.This means that college athletes have to work 90 hours per week just to remain in school on their scholarship.Many also cannot rely on their parents for the extra money they need to live.

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But, over a century later, the NCAA is no longer recognizable compared to what the organization used to be.

The NCAA has modernized to take full advantage of the new kinds of sports fans and especially the new kinds of media.

But, it is important to remember that these scholarships are the only means through which many athletes can make it to college.

Many college athletes do not come from privileged backgrounds, and their performance at their sport is one of the few chances they feasibly had at going to college.

While this was previously a great incentive to work towards a career as a college athlete, the billions of dollars that are poured into the industry every year seem to be disappearing into black holes including ever-increasing coaches’ salaries and brand new stadiums.

Now, collegiate sports teams are fighting back against the NCAA standards.One of the biggest reasons that the NCAA has defended its policies on paying college athletes is because these athletes are often on full scholarships that cover tuition, accommodation, fees and meal plans at the university they attend. There are many costs associated with being a college athlete that the tuition doesn’t cover.There are crucial expenses that are not covered by scholarships.If a student works 90 hours a week at their unpaid “job,” and then spends a further 10 to 15 hours at a paid job, then they are working around 100 hours each week for four years simply to be able to feed themselves adequately.All of this happens while their coach will often make a comfortable six figure salary.Whether in the press room or in the court room, the NCAA cannot seem to come up with a valid argument other than, “This is our tradition.” In the 21The average American full-time work contract usually stipulates that the employee will work between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM five days per week.Salaries are also usually based around a 40 hour work week.For example, athletes who spend 90 hours a week training and studying will often find themselves starving well after the university’s dining facilities have closed.There is no room in these scholarships for providing students with additional dining options.This hard work also leads to salary increases in the form of media events and sponsorship deals.Suggesting that payment has ruined the competition in the NFL is incredibly misinformed.


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