Persuasive Essay About Seasons

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Later in the evening, I’ll find somewhere to watch fireworks.

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When I think of summer, I think of color, color, everywhere.

I think of the soft blue skies, and a gentle breeze whispering through the green trees.

The biggest difference between summer and winter is the climate.

One of the main attractions of summer is the warm weather. But with the power of persuasive writing on your side, it’s sometimes possible to get a joyful “yes.”Consider my friend Jeremy, who decided this summer to enter the ticket lottery for ‘s 2017-2018 season.If you are selected you will receive two tickets to a random show date and time.”The letter that Jeremy wrote, reprinted in full below, earned him and his wife, Jeni, a spot in the audience at this fall’s season premiere of .The flowers are in full bloom, and bursting with every color imaginable.The sun is striking with its bright yellow color, which seems to go on forever.The first thing that I like to do when I arrive at the beach is to get my feet wet.Then I grab my snorkels and swim out to the rocks, where I like to look for colorful fish.I also enjoy searching for seashells, and fishing from the piers.Summer is also a good time to have a barbeque and eat watermelon.Also numerous trees keep their eye catching green color.In addition the holly bush also stays dark green, and is covered with bright red berries.


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