Perl Array Assignment

Perl Array Assignment-50
The follow example initializes and uses a multidimensional array in Perl; -- actually simply an array of references.

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Like in text editor you can delete element of array with particular index by "undefying" them.

For example: As we already mentioned, it's very important to understand that Perl arrays should be considered not as arrays in compiled languages like Fortran and C, but as an attempt to introduce a concept of programmable editor buffer (with indexes as line number) into the programming language.

A second array holds the price of each model in US Dollars.

Create a third array which contains the price of each model in Pounds Sterling. As the result print one line per model stating its cost in pounds.

Thus, when you assign values only to the first and, say, 1000th elements of an array, Perl will allocate memory only for two elements, not for 1000 elements.

In case the elements of the array are strings, another good model of understanding of what Perl array is the buffer of the text editor.In this case index is mapped to memory addresses and an increment of the index is the size of the element in bytes.But Perl arrays are a different and are more common to lists than to arrays in compiled languages like C or Pascal.define initial array contents @basket = ("Apple","Banana","Carrot"); print "1. add element at the end of the array push(@basket, "Orange"); print "2. add element at the beginning of the array unshift(@basket, "Avocado"); print "3. remove element from the end of the array pop(@basket); print "4. remove element from the beginning of the array shift(@basket); print "5.My \@basket array is: @basket\n"; @Months = qw/Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec/; @winter_canada = @Months[-1,0,1]; @winter_brazil = @Months[5..7]; print "winter months in Canada are: @winter_canada\n"; # Dec Jan Feb print "winter months in Brazil are: @winter_brazil\n"; # Jun Jul Aug $Months = 'Jan, Feb, Mar,apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec'; @array_of_month_names = split(',' , $Months); $dash_delimited_monthlist = join('-' , @array_of_month_names); $very_long_message = join(' is followed by ' , @array_of_month_names); print "$Months\n"; print "@array_of_month_names\n"; print "$dash_delimited_monthlist\n"; print "$very_long_message\n"; An array holds a list of cellular phone models.Defining and using multidimensional arrays is not much harder; but before we look at how to do it, you need to understand array references in Perl. If you can understand the following, you basically know all you need to know about array references in Perl.References are scalar values that "point" to some more complex data type.$stuff[1][2] is the element at position 2 in the array at position 1, for instance.Finally, it's worth noting here that we can form arrays of other data structures just as easily using the same method.First because Perl is an untyped language, an element of an array may be of any type, and different elements of the same array may be of different types.Array elements may even contain pointers to other arrays, which allows you to create data structures commonly called "array of arrays." The second feature of Perl arrays is that they are sparse.


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