Peer Edit 5 Paragraph Essay

A good approach is to start by telling the writer what you like and then mention what doesn't work.

Be tentative: rather than saying "This is really muddled" try something like "I wasn't completely clear about what this sentence meant." Try not to make blanket judgements ("It's really hard to understand) or vague statements ("Your description here is ok) in favour of specific instances ("This list really makes the procedure clear"; "I think you need to make this point more clearly").

It can be hard to say what you really think about a piece of writing.

It's often tempting to say "Looks fine to me," but your writer will learn nothing from the exercise.

In most government workplaces, it's very common to be asked either to provide your work in draft form for others to review or to review draft documents written by others.

In either case, it's useful to know what works best.Take advantage of having someone read your work to make what you write clearer and more readable.Feel free to ask your editor for clarification if you find the person's comments too vague or otherwise unclear.You may find that it gets kids asking peers to look at their work - even when a peer grading requirement is not at stake.-Not points based, but can easily be altered to be such.-Section with "Notes to the writer" to encourage peer feedback. Double Entry Log (to help you critically read and annotate your controversial article) Sample Article that I Critically Annotated "Would you have surgery at the hands of a robot?But usually if a reader says there's a problem it's worth taking a careful look.How much rewriting you do on the computer screen before you print out the paper for the next step in revision is going to depend on how comfortable you are reading text on the computer screen.-Can be used with any type of writing during drafting and revising.You'll use it over and over again, even during the course of a single essay.The most valuable editing advice concerns content, organization and style.Peer editors whose only comments are about punctuation, mechanics or spelling may help the writer write a more correct piece of writing, but it still may not be clear or engaging. Your role as peer editor is not to fix the problems you find but to bring them to the writer's attention. The biggest help you can offer is to point out what works and doesn't work for you as a reader.


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