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During this time, I began working nights and weekends for State Organ/Tissue Procurement as a tissue procurement technician.We would remove from tissue donors everything from long bones, ribs and the iliac crest to lower limb veins, tendons, and even the heart en bloc for valves. I was able to learn sterile technique, use of surgical instruments, and gain actual surgical experience without the fear of inflicting further injury to the patient. Then, during my first 3rd year rotation, I tore my ACL playing football and underwent autograft replacement one week before starting my surgical rotation.The first two years of medical school introduced me to countless specialties that I could imagine myself entering into.

Interviews will take place on Monday mornings beginning in October and continue through December.

If you are selected, you will be contacted via email.

A typical interview would include: The Department of Surgery accepts visiting residents on a case-by-case basis and upon agreement by the sponsoring OHSU faculty member.

The resident must currently be in good standing in an ACGME-accredited residency program to be eligible.

Standing on a swollen leg all day and icing it all night proved taxing and made me question my love for the OR.

I enjoyed clinic during most of my rotations, but it also proved taxing without the variety of procedures.Applications are accepted only through AAMC's Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Only complete applications submitted through the ERAS system by November 1 will be considered for the following academic year.Please contact your dean's office for further information on the electronic application process.Through Orthopaedics I could provide a good life for my family..Knowing from experience that I would be prepared to take care of them in the event of an accident would also bring peace to my soul.I find the experience of helping children to be particularly exhilarating.After years of being told that she would only be able to walk with crutches if she wasn't confined to a wheelchair, a 10-year old patient with cerebral palsy ran for the first time in her life.I always hoped that I would be excited to go to work and that I would find people as passionate about their jobs as I was.I have yet to meet an Orthopaedic Surgeon who didn't have a smile while telling me about their job.Second, it brought back all of the excitement I felt in my job as a Tissue Procurement Tech with the additional adrenaline rush of working on a dynamic, living person.I was thrilled to see the opposite end of the work I had done in tissue recovery.


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