Pc Repair Business Plan

So remember to factor in shipping, handling and insurance costs, as well as an "opportunity" cost for ordering parts from lower-priced national vendors vs. They're generally more responsive to advertising and marketing than small-business owners are, according to Reaves.Plus, residential work is less demanding and the market is huge, although the competition is fierce--think Best Buy's "Geek Squad" and Circuit City's Firedog services, both of which make house calls to perform installations and upgrades and to troubleshoot."It's the nature of the business," Kaufman says.

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Besides coming up with a business name, getting a business license and obtaining general liability business insurance (which ranges from $300 to $1500 annually and is obtainable through your local city hall), there are a number of things you need to do to get started on the right foot.

Here are 10 tips that will help you successfully launch and run your new endeavor.1. In the early 90's, running a PC repair business centered around selling parts and products, with service on the side. "You're making money by selling management services [of computers, networks and servers]," says Reaves.

A converted garage is a favorite area of a lot of techies.9. If your ultimate business goal is to open up a PC service center, realize that this type of venture takes more planning and management than you may expect.

Service centers must operate regular business hours, so sufficient staffing is essential.

If you're bashful--not comfortable putting yourself out there or handling rejection--you might find this business isn't for you."6. Techies can easily fall into the trap of believing they can pick up new skills on the fly or after quickly reading a manual.

But if you fail to partake in continued education and training, your knowledge base may become obsolete.

"This doesn't mean just sitting at a desk, punching out press releases.

You've got to get your face out there, go door to door if you have to, to let people know you exist.

Fortunately, there's great camaraderie in the tech community.

There are fantastic web sites out there where you can bounce a question off an "expert" and get a response within a few hours (Microsoft's Experts Exchange charges per year for this service).


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