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I believe it is important for children to have lives outside of their parents, and they are better able to do so if they can get in touch with their parents to communicate their whereabouts and plans.

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For the purpose of demonstrating how to craft the parts of the GED extended response essay, let’s use a sample GED extended response prompt, which includes two opposing passages on the subject of “tween” (aka “pre-teen”) cell phone use.

In Passage #1, the author argues that tweens should not use cellphones, while the author of passage #2 claims that cellphone are beneficial for tweens.

A favorite teacher of mine way back used to describe the thesis as a “promise to the reader that you keep throughout the essay.” In other words, your thesis is the argument you promise to prove over the course of the essay.

Really, your thesis is just the stance you decided to take (discussed above), made perfectly clear early on in the essay.

Think of a topic sentence like a mini-thesis for the paragraph.

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It should state the main point (or the reason for your stance) right away.

Notice that in both cases, the reader will be able to tell right away what the essay is about.

The thesis is your stance or argument, expressed in one, straightforward sentence.

This method includes crafting three main points: In my last post on the GED extended response exam, I provided some advice on how to gather and weigh out evidence using argument-support charts to help you choose a side.

For the sake of demonstrating essay execution, let’s say that you have read both passages thoroughly, weighed out both arguments, and have come to the stance that: Once you have committed to a stance, your whole driving purpose throughout the GED extended response essay is to prove why this is true.


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