Partition Ireland Essay

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Finally, a Government of Ireland Act was poised to become law.

After the Third Home Rule Bill was passed in 1912, Ulster unionists had founded a paramilitary force, named the Ulster Volunteer Force, with the intention of resisting the bill’s implementation by violent means.

Many British Army officers stationed in Ireland resigned, and with nationalists having established their own military arm in response to the UVF and both sides importing arms, a civil war seemed imminent.

Partition almost always creates as well as solves problems, leaving minorities on both sides of the border.

If the world is to become a place of peace and plenty for all people, strategies that bring us together need to take priority over those that divide us. Partition may sometimes be necessary as a pragmatic strategy to avoid bloodshed but a partitioned world will not be able to make our planet a common home, so that it becomes a shared not a contested space.


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