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A series of health issues has made it impossible for me to continue running the company. Use the following information to activate the demo.

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Overall, findings conclude that consumers trust, enjoy and gain a deeper understanding of information read in print, with signs of digital fatigue and concern for security and privacy evident. About Two Sides Two Sides is a global initiative by companies from the graphic communications industry including forestry, pulp, paper, inks and chemicals, pre-press, press, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes and postal operators.

Our common goal is to promote the sustainability of the graphic communications industry and dispel common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.

By reviewing the characteristics of fake news and open issues in fake news studies, we highlight some potential research tasks at the end of this survey.

The SHARE Working Paper Series started in 2011 and collects pre-publication versions of papers or book chapters, technical and methodological reports as well as policy papers based on SHARE data.

Thank you to all our users for supporting us for the past three decades.

Comprehensive survey software for conducting any kind of survey.An international survey of over 10,700 consumers was commissioned by Two Sides and carried out by independent research company Toluna in June 2017.The survey was undertaken in ten countries: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.Everyone can easily understand the basic concepts of survey research and statistical analysis. Learn important survey research and statistics concepts without the hassle of complicated arithmetic. It's not like the old days where you had to memorize formulas and do a lot of arithmetic. This site is packed with free survey software and information about research, surveys, and statistics. Give us your survey questions in a MS Word document and we'll turn them into beautifully formatted Internet pages and host them on our Web servers.We can send personalized email invitations and follow-ups to your list. The Statistics Calculator software is an indispensable tool for survey researchers who need a quick test to estimate sample size, or compare means or percents.The explosive growth in fake news and its erosion to democracy, justice, and public trust has increased the demand for fake news analysis, detection and intervention.This survey comprehensively and systematically reviews fake news research.Carried out by independent research company Toluna, consumers from across the U. (n= 2,094) and Canada (n= 1,044) were surveyed on environmental topics and preferences relating to paper and print.These reports explore consumer opinions and beliefs about print and paper’s environmental impact; preferences related to reading in print versus digitally; and receiving paper or electronic communications from their service providers Download the reports below.


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