Pakistan And Modern World Essay

The economic set up of the Hindus promoted the system of unearned accumulation of wealth.

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It also projects the excitement of the people of England who were very eager to see the solar eclipse. But all of a sudden, her parachute opened with a jerk. The author was a student of medicine at the Nagasaki University of Medicine.

It was a night in the month of June, when large number of people was travelling to the North. First she heard the loud noise of the plane and the fast moving w gusts of wind. He was one of the survivors of the atomic explosion.

They even avoided the shadow of person who was of low caste.

The people belonging to a lower caste was not be allowed to hear the recitation of their sacred book Virginia Woolf was a famous English novelist, critic and essayist. Now, she wanted to stay in the air for a long time. Now everybody was happy and surprised at her bold act.

All of them wanted to reach Yorkshire by the early morning so that they could see the solar eclipse clearly. A game of hide and seek began between the sun and the clouds and it created suspense among the viewers. As an eye witness to the atomic explosion, he gives us description of the horrible destruction caused by the explosion. The writer took them to their houses but all of them died in the following days.

People had reached at the Euston Railway station from the different parts of the country. There was no fixity, no sleep in England at that night. The crowd went on increasing as the people on the way were joining them. It appeared that the clouds tried to obstruct the path of the sun whereas the sun dashed forward to reach its goal. Now the sacred twenty four seconds of eclipse had started. He is of the view that man should give up the use of his deadly weapon in future if, they want to save the word. Some of them were still alive but they were unable to move their bodies. The causalities were so large in number that it was very difficult to dispose them all.

They must realize their responsibility of the world peace. The Americans should particularly assist the people of Pakistan to preserve their liberty.

They should also help the people of Pakistan to preserve their living standards so that they may really enjoy the fruit of their independence.

Liaquat Ali Khan delivered a very successful speech over there.

He very successfully pleaded the case of Pakistan just like a successful lawyer.


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