Painting Company Business Plan

Some of the skills you need to have as a painter are; colour mixing skill, primers, and cleaning solutions.

If you don’t have the extra money to spend on training materials, you can decide to intern for a painting firm for a short period of time until you professionalize your painting skills.2.

This will help to provide greater long-term profits through referrals and repeat business. Finally, the company has procured a $10,000 line of credit (not shown on financial statements) that will be used if necessary to cover unforeseen expenses or opportunities.

Barnum Painters will institute the following key procedures to reach its goals: Barnum Painters is a start-up limited liability company consisting of three principal officers with combined industry experience of 40 years. Barnum Painters will be located in a rented suite in the Rucker Industrial Park on 710 Snoquamie Route, Suite 250 in Edmonds, WA.

Someone gives you a job to paint a particular area, you do your job, you get paid and that marks the end of the contract.

I will explain the step by step details, plus the pros and cons of 1.

Get the Necessary Licences-: Depending on the rules operational in your location, you need to get the necessary licenses that will enable you start your own painting business.

Find out about the requirements and try to get all the necessary papers to avoid any legal issues for your business in the future.3.

Get Others On Board-: If you do your adverts well, there will come a time when you will start getting more jobs than you can handle, when this happens you can contact other good professional painters to work for you on contract basis to help you meet deadline.

You can decide to pay them a percentage of the total amount you will make from the contract.


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