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If your marketing campaign is targeted to getting more return purchases, using owned media could be the best strategy.

If your marketing campaign is targeted to getting more return purchases, using owned media could be the best strategy.And, when you combine this strategy with SEO (search engine optimization), you have the added advantage of driving new eyeballs to your pages with keywords and links.

It’s really a matter of integrated working together to make it successful otherwise you will fail.

For us, as an agency, we believe it’s good to have an integrated set of skills, of talents, of people even sitting together in the same room.

So this process of working together is key.” How to find the right stories “How do I find the right content? We don’t look at the organisation; which content they have, we look at the target group and what they’re interested in.

Once you know that, once you’ve defined that you try to match it with the organisation’s and brand’s needs the KPIs, goals and interests they have.

Because you have full control over your social media accounts, website and blog, you can put whatever information you want into any of the pages and profiles.

This gives you complete control over your marketing strategy, allowing you to manipulate exactly what is said, what is shared, and when it is posted.

– Wikipedia Your paid media is placed with the goal of directing potential customers and purchasers to your website pages (landing pages) and products.

Other forms of paid media include paying “influencers” of your target market to share your links, products, or website.

It’s about talking to the right people who have an eye for identifying stories in the organisation and what we quite often do is sending in our editors.

The editor will be sitting together with the comms people and try to hunt down the right stories.” Content marketing and native advertising will converge “One big trend is going to be that there won’t be a distinction between content marketing and native advertising in the sense we had it before.


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