Overcoming My Shyness Essay

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The significant number of shy people has sparked many researchers to find out what causes shyness anymore, even if many people would classify it as such.

This problem, still not known very well, is called Social Anxiety Disorder.

Those with the dopamine-4 receptor gene are thrill seeker says Greenspan but they can be retrained to behavior otherwise.

This is accomplished by giving alternative way of meeting their needs.

I hope to do this by first delving further into the problem, and what it may mean for a child growing up shy, then end with strategies to help a child overcome shyness and gain confidence. New and unfamiliar situations can bring out shy feelings, like the first day of school or meeting someone new. Shyness can be influenced by learned behaviors and life experiences one has had. Carducci, a professor of psychology and director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University Southeast, There is no way one can be born shy.

He assesses that the reason one cannot be born shy is because three major features characterize shyness: “excessive self-consciousness, excessive negative self-evaluation, and excessive negative self-preoccupation.” All three characteristic features of shyness involve a sense of self, and with the sense of self not developing until approximately 18 months of age and not at birth, one cannot be born shy.While being one of kind appeals to some, the true horrors of the loneliness that come with it is revealed through the display of the unicorn.The horn of the unicorn represents a defect-insecurity, shyness, anything that dictates too is physically different from the rest of the world.To overcome my shyness in a new country, I joined debate to build my self-confidence and to become more comfortable speaking English.Within a year, I became a seasoned public speaker who competed successfully in international competitions.She chooses to place the blame for her shyness and innocence on her physical disability.In truth, her physical disability hinders Yale is the perfect place to hone my skill in oration - a necessary attribute to effectively lead a group or team in the professional community.Last summer, my team placed third out of 125 competing teams at are one of many groups that have to deal with several misconceptions that concern them.Shyness is seen in all age groups—from children to adults.Hippocrates was apparently first human to notice symptoms of social anxiety, which was named social phobia for the first time in around 1900.Did you kind of bob your head behind those in front of you when the teacher was looking for a volunteer? Shyness and overpowering self-doubt are apparently very common, and they can paralyse you from moving forward in certain areas of life.


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