Outline For Research Paper On Animal Testing

Outline For Research Paper On Animal Testing-49
Reproduced with permission from student January 26, 2004 Public Speaking 220 Katherine E. Oleson Title: The importance of understanding the controversy around animal testing Topic: animal testing General Purpose: to inform Specific Purpose: to inform the audience about what animal testing is, and explain the alternative practices to it Thesis Statement: Animal testing is a highly controversial topic that has divided people into group that either support animal testing or oppose it altogether, and another one that advocates the use of alternatives. Introduction Even though there is not strict regulation that can force companies into using animals as their means of testing, proponents of animal testing support its use for the efficiency it offers that other types of testing do not.

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Colgate-Palmolive is one of the largest companies thats reduced its use of animal testing and their research facility has reduced the use of animals for experimentation by as much as 90 percent (Mc Coy, 1993). Through epidemiology (population research), in vitro experimentation, and clinical studies we have discovered our most valuable information about the origins of cancer, the efficiency of treatments, and the prevention of cancer (Cohen, 2001). Retrieved January 25, 2004, from Americans for Medical Progress Educational Alliance Web site: M.

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