Outdoor And Indoor Activities Essay

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So when people play together in teams so it gives us a better chance to know and to interact with each other.Games are the important source for the growth and development of mind and body.We acknowledge that sitting in front of video games, television for hours and hours is not health beneficial being outdoors help our children sleep more well.The benefits of outdoor play can be found in both mentally and physically.We know the benefits, strength endurance and builds coordination.The most alarming situation is that the crime rate is increasing phenomenally due to violent video games we have most of the times what we have in those games for instance bloodshed, massive killings, bombings, sex abuse and sexual contents.The biggest example of the game that stimulate greater violence was the call of duty and Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who killed 77 people, claimed earlier this year that he had played video game Call of Duty to train himself I have some recent examples which are enough to prove me right.In a team every player has a different socio-culture background when players meet each other they share their moral values, beliefs and norms.Outdoor games bring unity among people and provide a platform to exchange their culture, tradition, customs, views, thoughts and ideas.Science has made a remarkable progress in the field of technology just to provide comfort and to serve humanity in a better way.During the last few decades our society is facing a serious problem that our youth has involved too much in Gaming at their homes for hours and hours but it is very disastrous for their health.


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