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Examples of developing countries include Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda and Bangladesh.Many people in developing countries are facing poverty on a daily basis.

Examples of developing countries include Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda and Bangladesh.Many people in developing countries are facing poverty on a daily basis.

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If you go in with this attitude, you will gain much more from your volunteer project abroad.

Think carefully about where you want to volunteer and who you want to work with.

When choosing an NGO to donate to consider the following….

Given the experience that I now have, I would only give money to the large NGO’s that operate internationally, such as Oxfam and Action Aid.

What I do disagree with is TV ads that portray Africa as being full of children with pot-bellies due to malnutrition and flies in their eyes – many African people would not like to see their country being portrayed in that way. Decide what you want to support and fully research it. You would be surprised by what many people in developing countries need to learn.

It’s not because they are unintelligent, it is simply because they have never been taught.Closing Kigali Crafts because it was unsustainable during the recession was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do in my life. Buy your food from the local market, take cultural tours and stay in their hotels.But what I learnt from this experience will lead to even bigger and greater things, and I don’t have one ounce of regret. You are creating jobs and improving the economy by doing this.With the rise of voluntourism, you can get to know the local culture, make new friends and make a difference. I volunteered with Faith Victory Association in Rwanda, and, apologies for the cliche, but it changed my life and the way that I understood things.When you volunteer, be flexible and understand that things might not work in the same way as they do back at home.But simple entrepreneurial skills such as teaching basic accounting or record keeping could make a big difference to how someone runs their small business. Presenting to schools can influence the next generation to make a change.There are certain topics that people in developed countries are not really that aware of.People used to refer to developing countries as ‘third world’ as opposed to ‘first world’ (developed countries).However, we avoid using the term ‘third world’ nowadays as it is no longer accurate or appropriate.Just because I don’t believe in giving money directly to people, that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about poverty and international development. But now I am aware that it is far too easy to have our Eurocentric views and project them on other countries, thinking that we know what’s best for them when in actual fact, we don’t. By travelling to developing countries you are also learning about their culture.Here are my top 5 way that you can help developing countries. When you come home and share your wonderful experiences with others, this will hopefully have a positive effect on tourist numbers as you encourage more people to go. Sometimes, doing a whistle stop tour of a city in just 5 days is just not enough.


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