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The entire play is based on the human interactions of the characters as related to Othello and Desdemona.The characters’ personalities, their social status, and their relationships to Love and Hate Expressed by Characters in William Shakespeare's Othello In the play Othello, by William Shakespeare, different characters contribute to the development of particular themes.Emilia, out of love for her husband, Iago, betrays Desdemona and steals her precious handkerchief.

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This is especially true for the love between Othello and Desdemona.

In order to determine what Shakespeare intended their love to be perceived as, it is possible to look at how Shakespeare has defined true love in other works.

Othello is already insecure about his place in Venetian society, but to face losing Desdemona love to a younger white male is just too much for him. They believe that there is no other choice at the end of the play except that of death.

Susan Snyder states "Barbantio, Iago and finally Othello see the love Between Othello and Desdemona as unnatural, ‘nature erring from it self’." Othello expresses this through his statement, . Othello is not very different in theme Examine the role of jealousy, love, and/or betrayal in Othello.

You may want to pick one character (Iago or Othello perhaps?

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) and focus on one issue.(O) 15 The role of jealousy, love and betrayal play a major role in The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice.

Love in Othello However strong the emotional attitude of prejudices may be in Othello, Love is the most powerful emotion and ironically the emotion that leads to the most vulnerability.

Loves of all kinds are tested in the tragedy and ultimately all fail to rectify the horrible situation.

Othello celebrate his peak of joy, yet so markedly his invocations of death and fear make us apprehensive" ("Beyond the Comedy" Critical interpretations 24).

Emilia’s love for her husband, Iago, leaves her nothing but regret and deep despair.


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