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03/19/2017: Congrats Carlos, you are now a HFSP fellow!

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Kenneth Brander"The Temple in Jerusalem Idealized and the Historic-Synagogue-Institution: A Study in Synagogue Purposes in an American Context"Dissertation Advisor: Alan Berger Gary Brooten"The Very Useful Notion: A Rhetorical History of the Idea of Human-Made Climate Change, 1950-2000"Dissertation Advisor: Noemi Marin Laura De Jong"Seeds of Brightness: Poetic Memory in James Joyce's Ulysses"Dissertation Advisor: Mark Scroggins Lee Jarvis"Moving Mountains: Animal Rights Organizations, Emotion, and Autodidactic Frame Alignment"Dissertation Advisor: Elizabeth Goodrick Min Liu"Economic Consequences of Implementing the Engagement Partner Signature Requirement in the UK"Dissertation Advisor: Mark Kohlbeck Jason Lortie"Imprinting Effects of Founding Conditions, Structure, and Capabilities on Social and Financial Organizational Outcome Satisfaction"Dissertation Advisor: Gary Castrogiovanni Matias Arellano"Managed Discourse: Legitimizing Principal Identity and Agency"Dissertation Advisor: Meridith L.

Mountford Ducarmel Augustin"An Examination of Academic Performance of Haitian-Creole and Spanish Speaking English Language Learners Based on the Number of Years in the English Language Learners Program"Dissertation Advisor: Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski Courtney Beers"Early Childhood Preservice Teachers' Knowledge of Children's Cognitive Development and Developmentally Appropriate Pedagogical Practices: Understanding the Role of Clinical Experiences"Dissertation Advisor: Yash Bhagwanji Allison Berger"Going On the Grid: Secondary Teachers' Implementation of Mobile Handheld Devices as Instructional Tools"Dissertation Advisor: Roberta K.

A big thanks to all the collaborators who made the paper great! 01/18/2017: Andrew and Eva, you've Dunn it again!!!

04/12/2017: Kiara from Chem E has joined the Dunn Lab! 04/23/2017: Cayla performed excellently in her first Triathlon! 04/05/2017: Congrats to Armen and crew for the excellent paper in MBo C! Carlos was awarded the prestigious HFSP fellowship.

1/17/2018: Check out the Stanford News "Starting small on the path to rebuilding our bodies"! 10/17/2017: Check out this new article highlighting Nick and Derek's research on Medical Physics Web!

Vipul has joined the Dunn lab and will be doing his MD/Ph D with us for the next few years.

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Armen successfully defended his Ph D thesis and is now Dr. 07/13/2016: 06/29/2016: Congrats Derek on winning the poster presentation at the Adhesion Receptors Gordon Conference. 04/06/2016: Congratulations to Derek for earning the NSF Fellowship! Maggie Ostrowski completed her Ph D thesis defense!! She returns to Agilent to continue her very successful career. 10/21/2013: Natascha Leijnse has returned to our lab as a postdoctoral research scholar!

05/26/2016: Congratulations Carlos on your Science paper!


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