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Consequently, the earth was very hot, evaporating the liquid water into the atmosphere.However, as the earth cooled, gravity-trapped water vapor condensed, fell as rain, and did not boil away but remained impounded in pools that became lakes and oceans.

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Based on many assumptions, the conditions on early Earth, some three to four billion years ago, are thought to be much different from what they are today.

To begin with, the astronomical phenomenon called “the big bang” is defined by a theory proposing that the earth was one of the larger particles that coalesced after the initial universe explosion, or big bang, that spewed all the particles in the universe away from a central point and destined them to slowly revolve around that point.

They combined methane, water, ammonia, and hydrogen into a container in the approximate concentrations theorized to have existed on early Earth.

To simulate lightning, they added an electrical spark.

So if Pasteur is correct and life only comes from existing life, where and how did life begin?

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Many theories attempt to answer this question, including the popular creationist theory, which states that God created man in his own image, which may in fact be correct.

Meteorologists suspect that lightning, torrential rains, and ultraviolet radiation combined with the intense volcanic activity and constant meteorite bombardment to make early Earth an interesting but inhospitable environment.

Two American scientists, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey, designed an experiment to simulate conditions on early Earth and observe for the formation of life.

This constant Earth movement, often measured in centimeters per year, is responsible for earthquakes, volcanoes, sea-floor spreading, and continental drift.

Apparently, Wegener was correct; the early isolated land forms probably joined together to create a single landmass, or supercontinent called Pangaea, approximately 250 millions years ago at the end of the Paleozoic era.


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